Providing treatment of eating disorders and general psychological care

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Mind Care Ohio is a multidisciplinary practice conveniently located between the Cleveland and Akron areas that offers individual, family, couples, and group therapy services as well as psychological testing and nutrition consultation for children, adolescents, and adults. We also offer programming that is specific to the treatment of eating disorders.  

Who We Help

We specialize in evaluating and treating the following concerns: eating disorders and body image disturbances, weight management, anxiety disorders, depression and other mood disorders, attention deficit, work and school-related difficulties, and family/relationship concerns. 

Our Approach

At Mind Care, we dedicate ourselves to developing an individualized treatment approach that meets the specific needs of each patient and family. Our psychological services may include elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and psychodynamic approaches, amongst others.

Our Providers

Tara N. Tozzi, PsyD


Dr. Tozzi is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and the founder of Mind Care Ohio. She brings over 12 years of experience working in numerous levels of care and specializes in treating eating disorders/body image concerns, anxiety disorders, depression and other mood disorders, and attention deficit. She also routinely works with individuals seeking effective problem-solving for work and school related difficulties and family/relationship stress. Dr. Tozzi also provides evaluations of intelligence, attention, learning abilities, and cognitive skills. She is dedicated to creating a customized treatment approach that is best suited to the individual and believes in maintaining a laid back atmosphere filled with humor and compassion. :) 


Wendy Kirby, RD, LD


Wendy Kirby is a Registered and Licensed Dietician who specializes in the areas of eating disorders, binge eating, obesity/weight management, pre and post bariatric surgical care, and disease prevention. She is committed to creating an individualized approach to achieving improved health and often works collaboratively with other members of the Mind Care team and outside providers to ensure a comprehensive path to wellness.     


Mary Robinson, LPC


Mary Robinson is a Licensed Professional Counselor who brings passion and experience in working with eating disorders and body image difficulties as well as anxiety, depression, and other related concerns. She also welcomes individuals struggling with peer, family, or relationship difficulties and school or work stress. Mary uses an individualized approach to create a customized treatment plan and maintains a relaxed, genuine, and empathic environment, as well as a phenomenal sense of humor! Mary also leads the Body Image group, which supports the development of a healthy sense of self.

Antoinette Nethery, M.A. Ed., LPCC


Antoinette Nethery is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor who specializes in the treatment of binge eating disorder, anxiety disorders, and depression/mood disorders. She views mental health diagnoses in a holistic and comprehensive way and considers both physical and psychological/emotional origins of symptoms. Antoinette creates a therapeutic relationship full of compassion, humor, and hope and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Mind Care family. She also brings the wonderful presence of her Emotional Support Dog, Weezie, with whom she can often be found!  Antoinette also leads the Binge Eating Recovery Program, focused around an intuitive eating approach to physical and mental wellness.

Anastasia Musko, LPC


  Anastasia Musko is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Art Therapist who is passionate about working with adolescents and adults facing a plethora of mental health concerns, to include eating disorders, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, and more. She utilizes an eclectic and individualized approach       based around the needs of each client and while she practices using traditional therapeutic modalities, she also brings expertise in the area of art therapy. Anastasia believes in a holistic approach and feels a trusting and compassionate environment is of utmost importance. She also emphasizes cultural competence in therapy and seeks to make a comfortable environment for individuals of all walks of life. 

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1330 Corporate Drive Suite 200, Hudson, Ohio 44236

Phone and Email

Tara Tozzi: (330) 608-0410,

Wendy Kirby: (440) 668-3397, Mary Robinson: (440) 532-8922, Antoinette Nethery: (216) 233-5216, Anastasia Musko: (216) 213-6419,


Mind Care is located at 1330 Corporate Drive, Hudson, OH 44236. This business park is located off of route 91 across from the Joann Fabrics headquarters. Our office is Suite 200, which is located immediately inside the front door of the building. Upon entering, you will find a waiting room immediately to the right, where you are welcome to relax until your provider is ready to see you.